• Metal Recycling

    We are a full service scrap metal processing company, servicing both Retail and Commercial customers. We purchase ferrous and non-ferrous materials by weight, utilizing the most advanced certified electronic scales, state of the art facilities and keep to the highest standards of safety and environmental friendliness.  Come visit and see the future of scrap metal recycling.
  • State of the Art

    Our newly constructed indoor facilities takes recycling to the next level.  We have focused our efforts to streamline traffic flow while keeping materials organized for quick processing. Holding to the highest standards of protection and safety; maximizing efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Safety First

    Complimenting Millens advanced facilities, safety is at the core of every employees day to day activities.  The right tool for the right job.  Ensuring proper training for the task at hand.  Making sure everyone works smart; always aware of possible dangers in their work environment so they can be identified, considered, and avoided.
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Roll Off Service

Millens Roll Off Truck

Millens Offers a diverse selection of roll off containers to accomodate any job size.  From our 10ft containers to large, high capacity, 40 foot containers, we have a size that will fit your budget and needs.

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